Our award winning Home Staging furnishing and interior design service allows you to increase the value and speed of property sales.


Of agents say it’s easier for a buyer to visualise the property as their future home when the property is staged.


Of property estate agents recommend home staging.


Of agents say properties sell 2x faster with Home Staging.

45 days

Is the average time it takes for a property to receive an offer after staging vs. 99 days without home staging.

We supply home staging services to landlords, agents and individuals

The Home Staging Offer

Stand Out

Our team of expert stylists will ensure your property stands out from the crowd with its home staging furnishing.

Get more offers

By standing out from the crowd, our home staging allows for you to get more property offers.

Sell faster, better

According to the Home Staging Association, staged homes spend half the time on market as non-staged homes.


Average home staging investment is between 1 and 3% of the home’s asking price, which generates a ROI of 8 to 10%.